Most successful people have a few things in common. They are goal driven to succeed in their business but also want a work/life balance to enjoy the things in life that they look forward to.


Lynda French, President of K C Consulting, Inc., is an executive coach and business consultant that works specifically with experienced professionals who have obtained a significant level of success.  Her clients are made up of individuals that are already great at what they do but want more clarity in defining the goals that they set.


For her Business Coaching clients, Lynda has the inate ability to help clients tell their persuasive message about themselves with passion that sets them apart from others in their industry.  She is able to tap into their business reservoir and identify quality business that can help them achieve their goals.  Many professionals have small barriers that keep them from obtaining what they would like in their business.  By overcoming these barriers, she helps them to achieve new levels of success that they were not able to achieve previously. Lynda is adept at helping clients and their strategic business partners recognize and develop their core competence and strengths that will lead to a better concentration of business.


For her Executive Coaching clients, she will clarify what their strengths are and build on those abilities to help them become more effective at work. She provides ongoing accountability, clarity of direction, implementation of strategies, assistance in communicating more effectively, lead others more effectively and obtaining a better work/life balance.