Most successful people have a few things in common. They are goal driven to succeed in their business and in life but also want a work/life balance.


Lynda French PCC,  President of K C Consulting, Inc., is an accredited coach and business consultant. She received her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and through the International Coaching Academy.  She has a proven track record for excellent ROI for companies that hire her.   She enjoys working with individuals and teams that would like to take their goals to the next level.  Her clients are often individuals that are already great at what they do but want more clarity in defining and achieving the goals they set.  


She specializes in the following areas:


Executive Coaching  - As a client once said "all this time I've been in my position I never noticed that I've lost my vision for it.  It seems like you assisted in finding glasses for me  I never knew I needed!"  Lynda begins by listening to what goals her client(s) would like to achieve and through a four step process achieve those desired goals. Example of areas that she assists in are clarity of direction, executive burnout, stress reduction, time management, prioritizing, leadership and personal impressions.  Lynda has a proven track record for an excellent ROI for companies that hire her to work with their executives.  


Life Coaching - Lynda is an experienced coach in assisting with defining and creating a positive change with her clients.  Examples of what some like to focus on are time management, leadership, getting a promotion and personal goals that leads to a better, more enriched life experience.  


Career Coaching  - Often people "fall" into a position/job without really idenfiying what they would like to do for a living.  Lynda will start by listening to her clients identify key areas thaty they feel confident in and build on those strengths.  From there they will start to navigate through the process to achieve the positon they would like.  


Business Consulting - Lynda assists in helping clients tell their persuasive message about themselves with passion that sets them apart from other in their industry.  She is able to tap into their business reservoir and identify quality business that can help them achieve their goals.  Many professionals have small barriers that keep them from obtaining what they would like in their business. By overcoming those barriers, she helps them to achieve new levels of success that they were not able to previously achieve.  Lynda is adept at helping clients and their strategic business partners recognize and develop their core competence and  strengths that will lead to a better concentration of business.  She provides ongoing accountability, clarity of direction, implementation of strategies, assistance in communication effectively and leadership skills.